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RETS Documentation

What is RETS?

The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is a specification for a standard communication method between computer systems exchanging real estate information. It defines a standard interface for use by applications such as agent desktop software, IDX (Internet Data Exchange) systems, data aggregation systems, and many other systems that store, display or operate on real estate listing, sales and other data.

A RETS server is basically a web server configured in a standard way to accomodate authentication, metadata distribution, binary object transmission, and SQL-esque query language (DMQL) for data retrieval.

Supported Versions

Our server supports versions 1.5, 1.7, 1.7.2 and 1.8 of the RETS standard. We do not support UPDATE transactions.

Data Refresh

Data is replicated from the main MLS database every 30 minutes.


All of our dates are in Salt Lake/America timezone. Dates returned from our server are not converted to GMT.

Property resources have a field named "dtlastmod" and a field named "ts". Both fields are defined as DateTime fields. They both contain the same value, which is the date and time the record was last updated.

"inetvis" Field

The "inetvis" field is a character lookup field that has two possible values.

  • "1": Not Searchable
  • "2": Address Not Viewable

"Not Searchable" means that these listing will not show up in your feeds no matter their status. The listing agent as requested that these listings not be shown. If you have a listing maked with this "inetvis" value you cannot display it and it should be deleted.

"Address Not Viewable" means that you should not show any of the following fields associated with this listing:

  • "street" : Street name
  • "dirpre" : Address Pre Directional
  • "dirpost" : Address Post Directional
  • "coordew" : East-West Coordinates
  • "coordns" : North-South Coordinates
  • "housenum" : Street Number
  • "streettype" : Street Type

The value of these fields are automatically removed from your feed but the field will still be returned.

Login Info

You subscription must be active before your credentials will work.

  • Login URL:  http://rets18.utahrealestate.com/contact/rets/login
  • Port: 80
  • Your Vendor Login
  • Your Vendor Password


In addition to the retrieval of records, RETS servers provide an extensive section of metadata descriptions that describe the types of information you’re allowed to retrieve including data categories, field descriptions, field types, field lengths, lists of values allowed in particular fields, etc. This metadata is generated and delivered by the RETS server and provides you with a view of how various aspect of the data structures are configured. RETS MetaData is an XML document that describes the resources, classes, and data fields to which you have access.

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