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Standard or Grid

Standard addresses and grid addresses are formatted differently.
If the StreetName is strictly numeric and the StreetSuffix is empty, it is most likely a grid address. Otherwise, it should be considered a standard address.

Standard Addresses

The following RESO API fields can be used to build a standard address:
StreetNumber/StreetNumberNumeric, StreetName, StreetSuffix, UnitNumber
City, StateOrProvince, CountyOrParish, PostalCode

Grid Addresses

Street addresses in Utah are often based on a grid system. For example, 1300 E 9400 S. The numeric values for an address can be found in the RESO fields StreetNumber and CrossStreet.
CrossStreet is mapped to either the North/South or East/West coordinate, whichever one is not represented in the StreetNumber.

The following RESO API fields can be used to build a grid address:
StreetNumber, StreetDirPrefix, CrossStreet, StreetDirSuffix
City, StateOrProvince, CountyOrParish, PostalCode