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Change Log

Type Date Description
Update 2020-11-06 Removed all underscores from lookup enum text. So for example Single_Family_Residence would now be SingleFamilyResidence
Update 2020-11-09 ResourceRecordKey and ResourceRecordID in the Media resource are now Strings instead of Integers
Release 2020-11-18 Added option to receive non-annotated enumerations in the payload.
Bug Fix 2020-11-25 The values for VirtualTourURLBranded and VirtualTourURLUnbranded were reversed. This has been resolved.
Bug Fix 2020-12-01 Fixed incorrect lookup values for: PatioAndPorchFeatures, View, Sewer, OtherEquipment, FireplaceFeatures and DoorFeatures
Update 2021-02-23 Each resources now has a proper OriginatingSystemKey. This field is a hash that can be used as a unique record identifier, from the Originating system.
Release 2021-03-25 Released HistoryTransactional resource. This resource has historical changelog data for property listings.
Release 2021-04-12 Added field ImageStatus. This is a flag type of field that will let the vendor know if at least on image related to the listing is private.
Release 2021-04-12 Added field CancellationDate. This is a date field indicating when a listing was canceled.